Which Hosted Karaoke Hire Package is right for your Party?


These Karaoke Party Packages are hosted by one of our comperes. They manage the event. Experienced party hosts, and excellent performers who manages and facilitate the karaoke. They organise performers and operate the audio-visual equipment.

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The Host engages with the guests, building rapport and encouraging participation of the karaoke. Popular party music is played between performances. The Host equalises the singers voice and uses audio effects like reverb to enhance performances.
Songs pre-loaded on the karaoke computer. There’s no delay between performances. The quality equipment is of a professional vocalist standard. For the richest experience the song tracks are very true renditions of the original.

Choose from 4 Packages. Which one suits your party’s requirements?

Essentials | Deluxe | Combo | Foreign



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Essentials Karaoke Party Hire

Deluxe Karaoke Party Hire

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web karaoke delux

1, 2: 8″ 250W Speakers
3: Mixer
4: Karaoke Computer
5: TV Monitor
6: 2 Microphones
7: 4 song books 17,000 + songs
8: All required cables
9: Stage light
10: Karaoke Host

$600 inc. GST for 4 hours

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  1, 2: 8″ 250W Speakers
3: Mixer
4: 6 song books with 17,000+
5: Karaoke Computer
6: 2 vocal micrphones
7: 2 wireless Microphones
8: 15″ TV for monitor
9: Additional monitor or projector so the audience can sing along
10: All required cables
11: Stage light
12: Disco Light
13: Foldback speaker
14: Karaoke Host

$720 inc. GST for 4 hours

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Combo DJ and Karaoke Party Hire

Foreign Language Karaoke Party Hire

web karaoke comb

web karaoke foreign
1, 2: 8″ 250W Speakers
4: 2 x microphone
5: Karaoke/DJ Computer
6: TV monitor
7: 4 song books 20,000 + DJ & karaoke songs
8: All required cables
9: Stage light
10: Disco light
11: Fog Machine (on request)
12: Karaoke Host/DJ

$750 inc. GST for 4 hours

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1, 2: 8″ 250W Speakers
3: Mixer
4: Karaoke Computer
5: TV screen
6: 2 x microphone
7: Song books with 60,000 Songs
8: All required cables
9: Stage light
10: Karaoke Host

13 Languages Available

$650 inc. GST for 4 hours

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Karaoke Cam

Karaoke Cam

Video karaoke performances with CD quality sound. Add $120 inc GST.

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