Looking for everything you need for a Hosted Karaoke Party?

The Essentials Hosted Karaoke Party Hire Package comes with a Host who manages and facilitates the event. The Host is experienced in karaoke audio systems and great Party Starters. The Host engages with the guests, encouraging them to have a go. Keeping the atmosphere festive. With reverb effects and equalising the performers output you’ll sound your very best. Equipment of a professional standard. Karaoke that sounds just like the real thing.

Essentials Hosted
Karaoke Party Hire
Package Includes:

1 & 2: 8" 250W Speaker
3: Mixer
4: Karaoke Computer
5: TV Monitor
6: 2 x Microphones
7: 4 song books 12,000 + songs
8: All required cables
9: Stage light
10: Karaoke Host

karaoke party hire

$600 inc. GST for 4 hours

3 hours: $535 (Minimum booking)
Every additional hour: $65
All prices include GST
*Saturday minimum booking is 4 hours

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Our Hosts in Action

Our hosts are experience facilitators chosen for their technical and people skills. They bring loads of energy to the shows they manage.
Karaoke Cam

Karaoke Cam

Video karaoke performances with CD quality sound. Add $120 inc GST.

Karaoke Party Hire - Essentials Package