Karaoke Machine Hire specific terms and conditions

Customer initiated changes to the customer pick up time are at our discretion. If the customer arrives more than 30 minutes later than the agreed pick up time, and we are not available, to hand the karaoke Hire Machine to the customer there will be no refund of hire price available to the customer. The customer will be charged at the full Karaoke Machine Hire price. We will reschedule where possible however if we are unable to reschedule for any reason and we can not hand over the karaoke machine for the period booked this will not be grounds for a refund.


Customer cancellation of booked Karaoke Machine Hire.
There is no refund for the Karaoke Machine Hire due to customer cancellation within 5 days (120 hours). Cancellation of more than 5 days will receive a full refund less $40.00. If payment was made online via Stripe, the $15 Stripe payment processing fee will also be deducted from the refund. Customer will be refunded delivery, setup and retrieval charges if they cancel more than 48 hours before the delivery time. Bond will be refunded in full in the case of customer cancellation.


Note: Booking one of our Hosted Karaoke Packages or Karaoke Machine Hire Service is seen as acceptance of these terms. Payment in full Confirms the booking.


If the karaoke machine  delivery requires going up stairs there maybe a charge of $5 per floor. This charge will be taken from the Bond.


The Karaoke Machine is not to be used outside where it is open to the elements.
The Karaoke Machine can not be set up or used in an area that is open to the elements. It must be 2 meters with in the roof line so there is no chance that it can be rained on.


Any sign of water in or on the karaoke machine will result in all of the bond being taken even if the machine works at the time we pick it up. Damage caused by liquids may not immediately manifest.


Late returns.
If the customer returns the hire equipment more than 20 minutes later than the time as agreed and specified on the invoice will be charged at the full overnight rate of $250 per day, or part thereof, until the equipment is returned. Returns outside the agreed time must be at a time we agree we are available to receive the karaoke Machine Hire equipment. Waiver of this fee or part thereof is at our discretion. Charges relating to the late return of the equipment will be initially taken from the bond. Any charges beyond this will be invoice to the customer with 7 day payment terms.


Failure to return.
If we are required to pick the Karaoke Machine due to the customer not being able to return it the full delivery, retrieval and set up charge will be charge and taken from the bond. If the bond does not cover this the customer will be send an invoice with seven day terms for this.


Charges relating to damage or failure to return equipment.
All replacement or repair cost will be extracted from the bond.  Any damage to any piece of the Karaoke Machine Hire will result in an administration fee of $20 being taken from the bond. Replacement of damaged equipment will be charged at the replacement cost of a new component of equivalent specifications through Ebay, Amazon or a local supplier with the fastest delivery time. If repairs are required they will be charged at $50 an hour. Drinks should not be places on the karaoke machine or the speakers.


On request we can inspect the returned hire equipment for damage with the customer present at the time they return it, or at the time we retrieve the equipment. The onus is on the customer to request this and make themselves available at the time of inspection which will be at the return time or the retrieval time. If the customer does not request to be present or is not available at the time we retrieve the equipment, when we inspect the equipment for damage our finding will be final and the cost for replacement or repair will be taken from the bond. If the cost of replacement or repair exceeds the bond we will invoice the customer for the outstanding amount, payable within 7 days.


Power requirements.

The Karaoke Machine is required to be plugged in to the standard Australian power supply, which is is 240V AC, 50Hz. The Karaoke Machine is not to be used on hire boats or any venue that does not have a constant power supply of mains power supply of 240V AC, 50Hz, as is the standard in Australia. If this condition is not met the Karaoke Machine may not function property if at all. It may be subject to intermittent crashes or other technical issues. It may also cause damage to the Karaoke Machine. The karaoke equipment must not share power from the same plug with any other equipment other than that hired from us.


The karaoke machine will be demonstrated when it is set up at the venue where it is to be used to determine if there are any power issues. However if the Karaoke Machine ceases to function, or it is determined that damage was caused due to power supply issues the cost to repair or replace components will be taken from the customers bond.


If the karaoke machine is being picked up by the customer the karaoke machine will be demonstrated to the customer prior to the customer taking possession to show that it is fully functioning. Karaoke Samurai takes no responsibility if it does not work as demonstrated while in the customers possession as this is likely due to factors out of our control.


A refund will not be considered where the customer or their representative has signed that the equipment was in working order at the time they took possession.


Missing Equipment.

Any equipment that the customer does not return will be charged at full replacement cost plus a $20 administration fee. These charges will be taken from the bond. Any excess charges beyond the amount of the bond will be invoiced to the customer with 7 day payment terms.


Delivery, setup and retrieval of Karaoke Machine Hire equipment.
The client contact should make themselves available and easy to find when the Karaoke Machine Hire equipment arrives at the venue. The client, or their representative will be instructed on the use of the Karaoke Machine Hire on delivery of Karaoke Machine Hire. For any time, beyond 10 minutes, we are required to wait for the customer to make themselves available for this instruction will be charged at $45 per half an hour or part thereof. These charges will be taken from the bond. The client contact who we demonstrate the use of the karaoke machine must be present at the intended event to operate the equipment and/or show other participant how to operate the equipment. Any over the phone instruction on operating the karaoke equipment hired is at our discretion. We do not accept liability for failure to operate the equipment if the above criteria is not met.


Parking, unloading and retrieval.
The customer must supply a parking and unloading area within 100 meters of the set up location, or we will use the most convenient parking and unloading area we can find. In this scenario the cost of parking will be at the customers expense and taken from the bond if not already paid for in the initial invoice. We do not accept any obligation to find the cheapest parking. We will use the closest and/or most convenient parking available. The customer may recommend parking options but we accept no obligation to use these if we find other parking options that are closer and/or more convenient. If the parking cost has not already been paid for by the customer we have the sole discretion to decide on the parking we use. In the case where the parking has been paid for by the customer but is unavailable at the time of delivery or retrieval and we are required to find alternative paid parking any excess charge for this parking, beyond that which has already been paid for by the customer, will be taken from the bond.