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Karaoke shows for pubs and clubs is our speciality. We manage the most successful shows in Sydney. Our Hosts are customer focused, experienced event managers, with audio expertise. We have Sydney's largest social media network targeting people looking for karaoke. The song we supply consisting of a massive list of top quality tracks, updated daily, with all the latest hits and the classics. The atmosphere the karaoke generates a spectacular. We focus on drawing and retaining high value patrons who will make karaoke part of their weekly entertainment. This is why we have become Sydney's number one hire choice for karaoke for pubs and clubs.

Karaoke hire comes with a prominent listing on our promotional website, karaokesydney.com, which exceeds 800 unique visitors a month searching for karaoke in Sydney.

Postings on our Facebook page reach over 8,000 people a month in Sydney. We tweet to over 5,500 Sydney karaoke fans. Social Media Promotion is included with our service.

We can organise the show and marketing that draws a high value the crowd.

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Within two months our karaoke hire for pubs and clubs can transform a venue into a vibrant place to unwind and party filled with regular high value regular customers.

Our Hosts in Action

Our hosts who are experience facilitators chosen for their technical and people skills. They bring loads of energy to the shows they manage.

Karaoke Samurai's Delivers Promotional Clout

When you have your karaoke hire with us it will be promoted on Sydney's most powerful karaoke information network. We excel in attracting high-value regular participants. With targeted web marketing and relentless social media engagement, we the leading information source for karaoke in Sydney. When it comes to internet promotion, Karaoke Samurai is well ahead of competing karaoke operators. We own Sydney's most popular karaoke social media network. We also register our shows with other popular related sites.

Our Followers Are Authentic

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We don't buy fake followers from Click Farms in India or Turkey like some other karaoke hire businesses operating in Sydney. We give all our customers Administrator access to our Facebook Page insights. So you can check how the promotion is going when ever it suits you. It's easy to access, and confirms the information is going out to real people. Not fake Facebook accounts. Total transparency.

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As our customer your venue will be promoted on our popular Pubs Sydney's online and social media network.

Pubssydney.com ranks well in Search engines. And it's Facebook page has a strong and active following. On Twitter Pubs Sydney has a huge following. The updates are widely retweeted and over 97% of the follower are in Sydney.

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