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Karaoke Hire Service – How We Manage a Hosted Show


At the beginning of the karaoke party the Song Lists are placed around the room or on the karaoke desk, depending on the layout of the event. There will be pencils and Song Request Slips at the Karaoke Desk for the guests use. After singing the first song the Host will encourage the guests to participate. The karaoke commences with the Host singing an upbeat song to set the mood and test the equipment settings. They will walk around the room, space permitting, while singing and encouraging guests to join in while also checking the music volume around the room. Any sound issues can then be rectified prior to the guests singing. You have complete freedom in scheduling your event. Our Karaoke Hire Service will work to your run sheet. Speeches, ceremonies or any impromptu moments can be inserted at your request. However we do follow a default procedure that has been acid tested over years of karaoke parties.


It is important that the Host knows who the event client contact is so the karaoke party can run smoothly. The Host will be getting requests and instructions from guests all through the night. Most of these can be accommodated on the spot. However instructions that affect scheduling or the management of the karaoke show need to to come from one designated person to avoid conflicting instructions.


karaoke party hire set up

Karaoke Set Up
Arrangement may vary based on the room shape.

Depending on circumstances the guests can either ask for a song or if it is busy, or too loud for the Host to hear clearly, they will ask guests to use the Song Request Slips provided. Participants will then be enthusiastically called up for their turn to perform and introduced to the audience. After they have finished their song the Host will congratulate and thank them for their performance before calling up the next singer.


While guests are singing the Host will equalize their voice and adjust audio effects like reverb so they sound their best. Guests can also request the Host sing duets with them. If a singer is having trouble keeping up with the words the host will sing along to help them with timing and provide encouragement. Guests will also be instructed, as the need arises, on how to use and hold a microphone. In all the excitement it’s not uncommon for people to forget to point it at their mouth. However as much as possible your Host will make sure participants have the spotlight. Our Karaoke Hire Hosts will encourage audience participation. Their focus is on everybody enjoying themselves.


In the situation where guests are apprehensive to start singing the Host will sing tried and tested songs that put people in the mood. The Host that comes with our Karaoke Hire service, will offer a microphone to guest who look like they are in the mood. And encourage them to take over. Once guests have had a chance to peruse the Song List and have a few drinks, they usually start singing fairly quickly. Once people realise it’s all about fun and that talent has nothing to do with it, they get right into it.


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