Need a Karaoke Show that entertains everybody?


The Deluxe Hosted Karaoke Hire Package will have everyone singing along.

The show is managed by an experienced Host who facilitated the karaoke. They’ll encourage guests to have a go and get involved. Building and maintaining the atmosphere. Vocal filters are used to get the best from each performer. In addition the audio equipment the Deluxe Karaoke Hire Package has sound synced lighting, a fold back speaker for the singer, a second screen for the audience and microphones for four singers. Perfect for Corporate Functions, Weddings and office Christmas parties.


This Package comes with an additional screen so the audience can sing along with the performer. Everybody gets involved. Four in total. More people can perform at the same time. This is perfect for office parties where participants feel energised singing in a group. The additional disco light ramps up the atmosphere. The fold-back speaker so singers hear their performance clearly. It’s the most popular Karaoke Hire Package for high end events and end of year Christmas parties.

The Deluxe Hosted Karaoke Package Includes:

1 & 2: 8″ 250W Speakers
3: Mixer
4: 4 song books with 12,000+ songs
5: Karaoke Computer
6: 2 x vocal microphones
7: 2 x wireless Microphones
8: 15″ TV for monitor
9: Additional monitor or projector. so the audience can sing along.
10: All required cables
11: Stage light
12: Disco Light
13: Foldback speaker for the singer
14: Karaoke Host

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$815 inc. GST for 4 hours.

During November and December the minimum
package is charged at 4 hours.

3 hours: $745.
Every additional hour: $75
All prices include GST
Minimum booking is 3 hours
*Saturday minimum booking is 4 hours

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Our hosts are excellent party starters with experience, technical and people skills. They’ll manage it all so you can have fun.

Karaoke Hire – Deluxe Package