Looking for everything you need for a Hosted Karaoke Party?.


The Essentials Hosted Karaoke Party Hire Package has everything you need for a Karaoke Party.

It comes with a Host who manages and facilitates the event. The Host is experienced in karaoke audio systems and great Party Starters. The Host engages with the guests, encouraging them to have a go. Keeping the atmosphere festive. With reverb effects and equalising the performers output you’ll sound your very best. Equipment of a professional standard. Karaoke that sounds just like the real thing.

Essentials Hosted
Karaoke Party Hire
Package Includes:

1 & 2: 8″ 250W Speaker
3: Mixer
4: Karaoke Computer
5: TV Monitor
6: 2 x Microphones
7: 4 song books 12,000 + songs
8: All required cables
9: Stage light
10: Karaoke Host

karaoke party hire

$700 inc. GST for 4 hours

During November and December the minimum
package is charged at 4 hours.

3 hours: $630 (Minimum booking)
Every additional hour: $75
All prices include GST
*Saturday minimum booking is 4 hours

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Our Hosts in Action

Our hosts are experience facilitators chosen for their technical and people skills. They bring loads of energy to the shows they manage.

Karaoke Party Hire – Essentials Package