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Sydney Karaoke Low Down

Karaoke in Sydney is run in much the same way as the rest of the world. There are however some local peculiarities that need to be accounted for. This Wiki will outline terms, procedures and customs that are common for karaoke in Sydney. Many of these are globally accepted. The key factor that someone new to singing in public in pubs and clubs is supporting the venue. It is not looked well upon if you turn up and don’t make a night of it. That generally means stay for several hours to listen to other performers and spending money at the venue. Many karaoke operators simply won’t give you a song if you just turn up to sing a song and don’t buy a few drinks or have dinner at the place you are singing karaoke in Sydney.


The second major factor is not to criticises performers. Most people who are new to karaoke are not particularly good singers. They simply want the rush that singing in front of a crowd gives them. The only justification they need for getting up and having a go is that they are a patron of the venue. And by patron I mean paying patron. Karaoke is popular as a group experience. That doesn’t mean that people get up and sing as a group, not that there is anything wrong with that. I’m talking about attending the karaoke in Sydney as a group and having a laugh with or at your friends. Warm hearted heckling is fine, as long as you are friends with the person you are heckling. If the performer does not know you they may take offense at your light hearted jibes. A persons level of talent makes no difference at karaoke. An excellent performer should not expect to have preferential treatment.


The following are terms and customs used for karaoke in Sydney:


Singer Rotation: The order in which performers are called up to sing. The Karaoke Sydney Method is the commonly used Singer Rotation used here in Sydney. As the name suggests.

Karaoke DJ / Karaoke Host: The Master of Ceremonies at a karaoke show. This person typically introduces new singers and manages the singer rotation. In most instances they will also manage the required equipment at karaoke in Sydney.

Song Request Slip: Used to request a song to sing. It is usually a slip of paper that the participant writes their name, the song they want to sing and the name of the artist who sang that song. There is an etiquette that can be followed if the performer wants to give more information to the Karaoke Host. This slip should be submitted to the Host so that a performer can join the Singer Rotation.

Wildcard: The karaoke Host has the power to put any singer up to sing at any time, regardless of their place in the Singer Rotation. When the Host does this it is called a Wildcard. There are many reasons why a Karaoke Host may do this. It is highly offensive to the ancient Karaoke Spirits to question the Hosts decision in doing so.

Bumped up/down: To change a performers place in the singer rotation forward so they sing earlier, or backwards so they sing later.

Regular: A performer who regularly attends karaoke at a particular venue and supports the venue in the ways mentioned above.

Ronin: A Masterless Samurai Warrior of the Japanese feudal period. Not really karaoke related but kind of cool.

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